UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS - Why is this so important now?

New Technology

Most new models require jig point anchoring.
Using conventional racks can actually cause additional frame damage during the pull to repair process.

Times have changed at the OEMs. Crumple zones and complex metal elements have been designed to protect passengers by deflecting damage away from the “people zone”. These cars (and trucks) do not react like the all mild steel frames and unibodies of the recent past. Conventional frame racks work fine for those older designs but not so well with new models. Some don’t even have pinch welds!

Tolerances have become important too, especially when replacing structural elements. The days of plus/minus 3 mm have become plus/minus 0~1mm. Check your system, you may be surprised!


New frame equipment must be precisely machined and measured to deliver today's tolerances.

At this time there are only two means to deliver this level of accuracy, a measured XYZ jig system mounted on a precision machined rack and the Contact Evolution (Car Bench North America) measuring tool that just tested to 0.5mm at Porsche.

When it comes to frame racks there are two choices; dedicated fixtures and universal fixtures. Fixtures can anchor, hold replacement elements precisely or push/pull for a controlled and measured repair. Dedicated fixtures must be purchased or rented for the specific vehicle needing repair and mount on a measured bench. Fixture availability, freight, rental fees and delay add up to real costs. Unfortunately these fixtures can be damaged by the  last user but you won't know until the last minute when you find the sheet metal won't fit!

Universal fixtures mount on a measured bench and are built up from components listed in the vehicle data files provided. There is no delay, fixtures can be assembled from the universal kit and work can begin immediately. Only on rare occasions are specialty adapters required, usually for suspensions.


I started BRYANT McNEELY LLC several years ago with the idea of providing quality equipment and training focused on these next generation vehicles and out of frustration with the big frame equipment companies providing patches instead of solutions. Conventional equipment will live on because there is an inventory of late models available but eventually only in restoration shops. Profitable professionally managed body shops will invest and moved on.


You can purchase one Car Bench Manta frame and universal fixture system that

will handle ANY vehicle – Smart Car to Commercial, qualify for more OEM approvals

than any other equipment maker for about one half the price of the other guys.

 Upgrading is not an “if” issue, it is a “when” issue.

One more very important issue: Section 179 of the IRS Code. You can depreciate 100% in the same year!

For most folks that is about one third coming out of Uncle Sam’s pocket and back into yours.

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