Introducing.......Something very new

This small polar LASER scanner ( like a precision compass)  brings a new level of accuracy and ease of use to measure frame damage.

Its FAST - sets up anywhere under the vehicle ( rack or driveway)

auto levels - constantly auto calibrates - uses chevron targets for improved visibility - steel or aluminum attachments - delivers a 3D image of the frame with color coded damage you can view from any angle for a quick visual pull plan - live tracking during pulls.


At about 1/2 the cost of a competitive system.
Precision Machined from specialized metals for
extreme accuracy.



Stable and highly accurate

Self Calibrating
Auto leveling - dual axis

Blue tooth

6x6x7 inches
Extended Battery Range
Long Range Laser

Smart Car to Tractor Trailer
Use with a PC - Tablet

Touch Screen or Mouse

Global 3D data

On Line support
Non Spec Custom Frame Analysis

Automatic Diamond Analysis
On Board Tutorials

Local Distributor Based Instructors

Developed in conjunction with major aircraft companies



Call or email to reserve a demo appointment

253.227.2066 prior to the official release.




Bob Bryant
(253) 227-2066

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Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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