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Easily Upgradeable

to meet the

criteria for Premium
European OEM





A Newly Designed
Frame Machine for

the American Market


Repair ANY Vehicle
on a single frame rack


Smart CAR TO Full Frame Dual Cab Pick Up
and most commercial vehicles

Universal Fixtures - 12 Point Frame Anchoring - Truck Anchoring - Mechanical Measuring - Six ton lifting capacity
and you can move it around the shop with its on-board landing gear (no bolt down)

OEM Certifications are Very Important....Here are ours



Car Bench Frame Racks can be fitted with wheel kits for easy move ability in the shop. Thats important
because things change and you need not be bolted down!

Car Bench is mandatory for Ferrari

Car Bench is the only company approved for
all models at Maserati


Triton is a Quick Pull multi-functional work station averaging in the low 20's - Tool sets are cross functional - The base units are inexpensive and can be added for more work stations and use a common accessory tool set

Triton is a great inexpensive
addition to take the load off

production racks and quickly

handle most jobs - Fit with

EVO 1 and 2 for full function


Car Bench is a Complete Equipment Maker - Visit our site in Massa, Italy or Car Bench North America in California for more detailed Information
Meanwhile we are setting up a hands on training and demo center near Portland...More later


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